Factual Day

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Screenings and Panel Discussions




Schedule of each day:


13:00 – 13:25: Reception, tea and coffee


13:25 – 13:30: Welcome/Introduction


13:30-14:30: Screenings


14:30-15:00: Guest speaker + Q&A’s


15:00-15:30: Break for refreshments


15:30-16:45: Final round of screenings


16:45-17:15: Guest speaker + Q&A’s


17:15-17:45: Break for refreshments


17:45-18:15: Rounding up, containing
the special commendations of
the days films from our esteemed panel!




At 8pm on the evening of April 4th, Manchester Student Film Festival will be hosting a quiz at The Bar, Fallowfield, testing you on everything film related. Entry costs £2, and you can bet There Will Be Blood (and also prizes. Really nice ones. Related more to booze than blood).



This quiz night is in aid of Manchester Student Film Festival, a 2 day festival showcasing short films made by students, and taking place on the 5th and 6th of June. Proceeds from the festival will be given to The Big Change Society, an amazing charity helping to end homelessness in Greater Manchester.